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This isn't exactly an animal nor a pest exactly.
Basically, I noticed these tiny little, dark brown bugs in my bathroom.
I have/had 2 mould stains on the ceiling, and after spring kicked in, these tiny little bugs appeared around the mouldy areas. Lots of them. Tiny!
At first, I intended to get rid of them, but kept putting it off. But now I became fascinated by them, as the mould stains rapidly grew smaller & one of them has completely disappeared!!!
I have googled and googled, but none of what I came across had seemed to fit the description.
I was wondering if any experts/enthusiasts could help me??
I'm very curious.
They don't seem to be Springtails nor Mold Mites

Birdnuts Registered User

Dust mites - not nice to have crawling around nearly every surface in your home and virtually impossible to get rid off. You just have to keep the house well hoovered and minmise dust at all levels.

JuliaG Registered User

Birdnuts said:
Dust mites

Well, I looked them up as well & they really don't seem to fit the description either.
From what I found, dust mites are almost invisible to the naked eye - hard to spot. These are easy to see, as they're very dark.
Also, it's a damp surrounding, so very little dust!

I've actually been observing them for so long, I feel bad destroying them : )

kylith Registered User

Were they anything like the little black insects that you find in flour that's been open a while?

F.R. Registered User

Could be a beetle do they look similar to either of these.

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