OddOneOut Registered User

Hi all,

I run a small but worthwhile wedding business and due to personal reasons am looking to sell it.

Can anyone tell me the best way / place to advertise it? It's not going to be a huge investment for someone - would suit a first time entrepreneur looking to spend under €5k.

Any advice would be welcome.

Thank you.

antoinolachtnai Registered User

If you believe there is some sort of brand equity in it, I would try to sell it to a competitor or a person in a related sector. It is worth their while paying something to buy it, if it has a reputation or relationship with suppliers.

I'd imagine that the last thing the wedding industry needs, to be honest, is more people coming into the market.

If it generates leads, it might actually be worth a bit more than you say, although I obviously have no idea.

Think about being flexible with purchasing terms.

neris Registered User

you could put a small ad in the sunday business post. give a very brief outline and an email address see what interest you get. If you have an accountant ask them would they advertise it around competitors or other investors

OddOneOut Registered User

Thank you everyone.

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