colman1212 Registered User

Hey Folks, Just wondering if there are many here living in Brisbane? I'm a 27 yr old guy living here at the moment, most of my mates are down in Melbourne but I stayed in Brisbane cos I'm sponsored here.

Could get some Brisbane beers going if theres a few...although everyone seems to be in Melbourne or Sydney!

TirEoghain Registered User

I'm in Brisbane byself, since 2009.

Currenty though I'm working in Sydney, and flying back to Brisbane every weekend, so I can do drinks at the weekends. My flight usually gets me back into Brisbane city centre for around 7pm or so on a Friday evening.

Any other Brisbannites lurking around the forum?

GiftofGab Registered User

Ill be in Brisbane from wednesday night till friday if anybody wants to meet for a beer? Ill be on route to my farm work


Gold coast myself, was living in Brissy until a few weeks ago, but do head out there still the odd time, so might be able to meet up with ye guys if your organising something!

colman1212 Registered User

We're slowly getting a few together! Must be a few in Brisbane?! Yeah I'd defo be up for a few sat evening pints some weekend..

GalwayKiefer Registered User

Another one here! Living here about 7 months now, was on the Sunny Coast before that. If my work schedule permits then I'd definitely be up for beers.

AngryHippie Registered User

yeah, there's a few around allright, I'd be up for a weekender.

colman1212 Registered User

Saturday beers too soon?!
I'm easy anyway, Someone can suggest a date/place etc..

GalwayKiefer Registered User

This Saturday is too soon for me but the next 3 weekends are open if any of them suited people. How about Mick O' Malley's on Queen Street? Nice place and central for buses etc.

TirEoghain Registered User

I wasn't following this thread, so I missed the responses.

I wasn't around last Saturday anyway, and I'm not sure about this Saturday either, as I have a christening to go to in Ipswich on Sunday morning. If I decide to drive out on Sunday morning rather than Saturday night, then I'd be up for this Saturday.


Jacster Registered User

Bit late jumping in here but up for a few if its still going.....

GalwayKiefer Registered User

Bit of a bump here, anyone still interested?

TirEoghain Registered User

I'm free this Sat if anyone is around.

AngryHippie Registered User

Concrete Pour followed by mothers day dinner with outlaws

hussey Registered User

mod if you guys decide a time and a date I can sticky it to drum up interest.

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