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Travelling on the M9 today from Dublin to Youghal. Does anyone know if there are any service areas with food etc along this route?

jimbojazz Registered User

There are no motorway service stations on the M9 but you can divert off at Moone in Kildare, you'll see the signs for a service station there or there's ones near Castledermot and Knocktopher or you could head into Carlow or Kilkenny

The M9 actually ends just outside Waterford City so once you get to the end of the Motoraway you can go into Waterford or take the tolled Bypass which willl bring you just outside kilmeaden where there are one or two shops, dont think there's a filling station there after that you'll be on the N25 which will bring you through Lemybrien where there's one or there a few decent ones in Dungarvan

Blouse Registered User

Thanks for that


There is a petrol station behind the centra in Kilmeaden, there is also a very good service stop in dungarvan, called garveys, cheap petrol plus nice deli restaurant.... there is also a macdonalds in dungarvan

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