Myself and hussey mod a Forum Called "Australia New Zealand"

As can be seen in attachment there is another Forum a step down called "New Zealand" Modded by TrueDub and Pclancy

We would like to rename "Australia New Zealand" to just "Australia"

This means that all New Zealand queries would start to go to the New Zealand Forum.

We would also like both forums to be on the same level one directly under the other.

Justification for this is self evident in the fact New Zealand queries are split in half. There are currently 2 forums handling the exact same issues.

All Mods of the concerned forums are aware and agree.

Many thanks

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Tigerandahalf Registered User

I don't think anyone would have a problem with that. The only thing I'd say is that it is very hard to find the NZ forum. I only found it through chance. It is in the Living Abroad section of the Region forum. There could be some links in there to make accessing it all easier. The Oz/Nz forum has a link in the Travel and Living Abroad section, whereas NZ forum is not in Travel section.
A forum for travelling in SE Asia would also be handy as a lot of people seem to use that route.

pclancy Moderator

+1 great idea to make things easier for people wishing to visit or emigrate to either country and drive more relevant traffic to the NZ forum.

Black Swan Category Moderator

The current New Zealand forum under Region should have its linkages fixed to:
Region>Abroad>New Zealand (separated completely from Australia, with a referral link to New Zealand from Travel).

It would be grand if all things that pertained to New Zealand could be sourced in this one Regional forum; e.g., "one-stop shopping" for short term visits and long term residency. Having a single forum for all things New Zealand would reduce the current ambiguity, and concentrate all the threads and posts in one convenient forum.

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jamiecoins Registered User

great idea there will be more cchance of having a question answered a bit more swiftly i would agree with changing it from the region section maybe have it just below the new to be australia only forum

TrueDub Moderator

I'd be fully in favour of the proposal, it will allow the NZ forum to find it's full potential and will tidy things up in the Australia forum too.


+1 to this.

Crann na Beatha Neart agus OnĂ³ir

+1 too


Just as a support to this

Today there are 5 active (posted today ) threads running in AUS/NZ on the subject of New Zealand.

Today there is one on the NZ forum

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Mrs OBumble Registered User


I don't want no stinkin' Aussies in any forum I read!

(joking guys, I'm sure they're all lovely, sure one of my best friends is an Aussie ... )

Xavi6 Registered User


Kiwis Out

Cookie_Monster Registered User

do it, wading through all that crap about Aus to find the NZ gets old

MugMugs Hosted Moderator


20260622 Registered User


Claasman Registered User

+ 1

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