HelloYoungBoy Registered User

Myself and a few lads are looking into doing this. Anyone got any experience and tips? Location, job, accomodation etc

Miaireland Registered User

Tbh I would look outside Spain unless you know people who own businesses out there. The unemployment rate there is through the roof, business is slow in lots of pubs/bars,it might be worth having a back up plan.

thebuzz Registered User

I'm in college over here, you'd do well to find a job. There was a Primark opening recently and 21,000 people applied for something like just over 100 jobs, just gives you an idea how mad it is.

Leper Banned

Unemployment in the Spanish Costas is running @ 35%. For the age group 18 - 25 it is even much higher.

Many of the English speaking peoples of Spain are retreating from where they came in the hope of a better life at home.

You have little or no chance of employment in Spain.

ted1 Registered User

With the low minimum wage, your better off working a week here and relaxing over there

Xenophile Registered User

There was a general strike in Spain ten days ago. An air of gloom in that country at present. Looking like it well get worse.


Work in Spain is non-existent, far, far, far worse than here. Unemployment is close to 40% and for younger people it's closer to 75%. The few Spaniards I know are all emigrating to the UK or Germany.

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