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Thought of this one in work the other night

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Class thread Dathi !

My contribution

Parked up at South Mimms service station on the M25. Myself and hundreds of others. All ready and waiting for the Warehouse Party location. Jeez! Over 20 yrs ago

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bedrock#1 said:
no doubt.... it's just if were to go to a music store i wouldn't look for eric clapton in the metal section or jay-z in the country & western section despite what my idea is of what they are

Just sayin'

I grew up on that music he's posting, he's bang on with his description IMO.

The stuff you posted in response to him was where the scene went wrong, ie shyte tunes.

Brilliant thread Daithi, I though some of these tunes were gone forever

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Early 90's trance, not sure if allowed but these were pretty good for their time.

And some techno from CJ Bolland

And for good measure

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Nico - Alpha (I can remember Bass x - Hardcore disco being mixed into this on a few Carl Cox tapes)

Andromeda - A trip to space

Perry & Rhodan - The Beat Just Goes Straight On & On

Planetary Assault Systems - In From The Night

Melonhaus - Dopamine

Peyote - Alcatraz

Earth Nation - Alienated

System7 - Alpha Wave (Plastikman Acid House Remix)

DEGENERATION - Una Musica Senza Ritmo (Nina In Trance Mix) (1993)

This is my first post on boards so I may have done the links wrong(all help appreciated to correct this)

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Hello Dracula

To display the youtube videos instead of the links you need to copy the part of the youtube URL after the = sign, so for example your first track you would copy the bolded part below


Then you need youtube tags, there's a youtube button next to "spoiler" in the top row so it would look like this YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE (you need to put a brackets where I left them out at the beginning and end [ and ]

Insert the bolded part of the youtube URL from the video in between the youtube tags and it will display the video like this

Just realised I'm crap at explaining stuff so I hope you understand

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Thanks for the info LaVail ! Will try the advice tomorrow as Ive had a few pints! Its nice uncovering lost treasures that you havent heard in a long time & thats why I joined & posted. Hope to find some more on this thread.

Renegade Legion - The Weeping Waste

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No worries Dracula.

I took a picture of what I'm talking about to make it easier to understand

Click the youtube button and insert the bit of your youtube video after the = in between the tags and that's it.

This thread id full of gold and I've only started listening myself recently. Anyway enjoy your few pints and chat to you later.

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And finaly pilgrimage to paradise

the hardfloor remix on the other side of the vinyl was cool too

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Scrappychimow said:
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JAAAAAAYSUS! I have been looking for this tune for the last 15 years or so. I never knew the name of it. Nice one.

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The Terminator is out there !

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