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Hi all,

The weather looks set cold and increasingly unsettled from Monday on with showers or longer spells of rain at times. Though good dry clear spells too especially inland. All models agree on a varying north or northeasterly airflow next week that will mean the weather remaining on the cold side though not particularly cold during daylight hours with temperatures typically ranging 7 - 9c most days next week. Temperatures at night 1 or 2c below freezing away from North facing coasts will mean frost under clear skies. And that's the way it should be till next weekend with little variation on that theme each day. Rinse/repeat. Next Friday little change:

Most of the week cold upper air will struggle to make it this far south from the north despite the consistent northerly flow given the time of year so little or no risk of wintry showers (at least for a good portion of the week). That may change by next weekend at which stage wintry weather could return but that's too far out to be confident about atm.

No sign at all of milder weather and definitely no repeat of the warm conditions recently for some time to come.

You could say this is the winter now that we did not have this year Enjoy, bbl.

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Wild Bill Banned

Wintry weather in mid April?

I'm pointing my death-ray northwards; that cold air is toast.

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Most of the coming week looks grand - good sunshine with a few showers, the odd longer period of rain and frosty nights. By next weekend the nights could be very cold with current indications suggesting -4 or -5c in some places away from windward coasts. And colder air could be making incursions at that stage which could turn the showers wintry even during daylight hours. That's a long way out though. We could be heading for a below average April overall temperature wise. Predicted night time temperature next Saturday.

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Gonzo Moderator

After a warm autumn and winter, hopefully a cold April and cool May will eventually lead to a warm June, July and August.

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DOCARCH Moderator

Gonzo said:
After a warm autumn and winter, hopefully a cold April and cool May will eventually lead to a warm June, July and August.

Agreed - just what I have been thinking.

It's a long time since we've had a decent 'April shower' season. 2008 was the last year, as far as I can remember, that we had a good run of April showers.

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Long time too since we had a month that was well below average - August if I remember right. Every month since seems to have been milder than it should be!

dfbemt Registered User

This afternoons rain is very welcome. Garden is like cement.

No doubt the farmers will be happy although the cold nights could be damaging for tender crops

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DOCARCH Moderator

Rain here on the southside didn't even wet the ground.

snaps Registered User

yes strange. We hardly had any rain at all.

Wild Bill Banned

Rain here on the southside didn't even wet the ground.

What rain?

darkman2 Banned

Most likely location for hail and sleet is the east and north next weekend. Otherwise no change to the forecast in the OP. Exceptionally cold nights for the time of year are possible later in the week. Be interesting to see how low recorded temperatures might get inland.

Wild Bill Banned


It rained last night. Between 3.30 and 5.30 we got a deluginal 4.4mm.

Went out dancin' and singin' while swingin' around some streetlamps - it was the novelty inspired me - not the half bottle of whiskey consumed watching the Masters.

*checks for any embarrassing posts on boards from circa 4am*

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nacho libre Registered User

What a difference a year makes. Now the pv has broken up the cold air has to spill somewhere. It's just too bad this is all coming two months too late

Given the stratosphere normally warms up at this time of year, is late March- early April traditionally the best month of the year for Northerly?

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dfbemt Registered User

Really good downpour this afternoon in Drogheda.

Went to see some friends and brought the kids to see Oliver Plunketts head. When we came out of the church it was bucketing down, the kind of rain that has you soaked by the time you ran the 40 metres to the car.

Then when we got home, 25kms away, the ground was bone dry

km79 Registered User

Is this our winter ? 

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