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I wash my rottie in the bath and she loves it !

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Its funny, my westies seem not to like the bath but love the drying and clipping , but then during walks both love jumping in the local lake ,

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adrenalinjunkie said:

Very often the sedative used for grooming is ACP which renders the dog paralysed but completely conscious and aware of everything that is being done to it but it is unable to communicate that it is completely terrified due to the paralysis. For a dog that is already fearful doing this could have some horrific consequences to the dogs behaviour/temperament in general.

ACP is actually no longer available anymore so therefore not used. Think it's been off the market about 6 months now.

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Yeah ACP has been taken off the market, Zapperzy is right. Not sure of the reason for this tbh. Brachycephalic breeds (boxers, pugs, boston terriers) are more likely to develop complications with this drug but I'm not sure if that's the reason for it going off the market.

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there are a few places that have the pet wash. its a table with a perspex frame that lowers around the dog and like a thing from the movie virus you put your arms in to wash the dog with the shower head, handy.

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