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....well, current ones anyway!

Stanford don't have a download link for the current version of the F@H client on their dl page. They say to check their homepage but there's no download there either! No sign of any other place to get it either, and no sane explanation for this phenomenon thanks to Google being deeply retarded.


I see downloads under "Set" on the page. It auto detects the platform you're on, or there is a JS/CSS popup for "Other platforms".

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Yeah, they updated their website a week or two back. They're now recommending their new v7 client. Personally, if you're just planning to use one CPU or one GPU, you'd probably be better off with the old v6 clients instead (available here).

If you're doing both CPU and GPU though, give v7 a go. I've got a (partial) guide up here if you need some instructions:

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I just want my F@HControl viewer back

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But the viewer is horrible.

the_syco ITS SO FLUFFY!!!

Haven't had this running on my machine for a while. Does it damage an SSD if used long term?

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Well, aside from the start and finish of the unit, there is a checkpoint file saved every 15 minutes by default (thought can be set to every 99 minutes IIRC). Those are the only times there are any writes to the hard drive.

I can't imagine it'd hurt the lifespan of your SSD significantly, but if you've got a HDD in the same system, better to be safe than sorry.

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