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FunkZ said:
The lad has a gun tattoo'd on his neck FFS.

I know lol

" Robbing cars, no insurance "

" You's get ous something to and we might give up crime"

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I dunno, I am unsettled tonight after this, apart from all the regular dogs being neglected in this country I cant help but think of all the sled dogs of what ever description locked away in some fools back garden because they look a bit like a wolf.

Makes me feel guilty walking around town with mine, I don't want to reinforce/be part of this breeds image being destroyed by making some Pratt think he should get one also.
I spent a year thinking about Husky's and went in with my eyes open. I put the time in with fantastic results.
Now muppets are buying doomed pups from immoral,cruel puppy farmers to sell to wanker$ that have no concern about the animal beyond its appearance. And worse than that , it is a serious amount of energy to lock in you 10x10 yard, and FFS, let you child play with it, unsupervised.

GRRRRR, I gotta get off this thread now, rub me husky's, think about the Malamute that's just been 'destroyed' and go to bed. What a country we live in.

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fufureida said:
You definitely will, don't worry.
I don't understand this stupid obsession with people walking there dogs without muzzles, without leashes, and letting them **** everywhere. There is a reason these laws are in place, one day your dog will maul you or someone else. What then?


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Jaysis that report post function is effective. Must be connected to adrenalinejunkies e-collar since it managed to wake her up

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Morons who buy a working breed because it's fashionable and/or look's cute and then keep it as a pet, just walk nicely beside the buggy and don't run around too much. Total idiocy.
These dogs were bred to work. To pull sleighs in very demanding and harsh conditions, have some rest and then pull again. They need good discipline and workout otherwise they get bored. When a dog behaves like that, blame the owner, not the dog.

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FunkZ said:
The lad has a gun tattoo'd on his neck FFS.

Thats completely off topic but I have to respond.

A tattoo does not mean someone is a scumbag regardless of where its located.A scumbag is a scumbag is a scumbag.

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I never owned a dog until recently. But I grew up around dogs including Rottweilers and staffs that neighbors owned. I was always terrified walking past them. I used to run away from them but looking back never had any reason they never harmed anyone. When I was a teeneager I was walking along the road and a lab was walking past and for no reason he jumped up bit my back and then just trotted on his way.
My point is that I completely agree with the fact that responsible ownership and supervision is necessary for all dogs. I still have a bit of a fear of unsupervised dogs yet I would happily pet a dog that's with it's owner.

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But then you hear about how some breeds are notoriously great with kids and babies can practically hang out of them without fear of danger.

I take it that once a dog has attacked someone, as in this case, it's quite an automatic decision to have them PTS? Is there ever the option to rehome?

Just as there is no such thing as a dangerous breed there is also no such thing as a breed that is great with kids. Dogs are individuals, not breeds. How they are with children is totally dependent on how they are reared.

I have three different breeds & I do not have children. Because I know that my dogs will meet kids it is up to me to ensure that they well socialised with children. I would trust my dogs with kids but I wouldn't trust a kid with my dogs & I would never leave them together unsupervised.

If a Dog Warden takes the dog then it will be killed. So we never get to find out what might of caused the attack & we learn nothing. Wardens have no qualifications. They are not trainers or behaviourists. They are totally unqualified to determine the behaviour of a dog. There are many cases of rescues taking dogs that have bitten. They can often be rehomed. Dogs never attack or bite without a reason.

ISDW said:
The Clare dog warden said on the radio yesterday that it was an Alaskan Malamute, so it wasn't a husky. This enlightened individual also said that malamutes are dangerous, and that huskies shouldn't be pets.

A stupid ill informed comment like this should never come from a Warden. But what makes this so unacceptable is that this Warden is employed by the ISPCA who run the Pound. It is the same Pound that killed over 200 Greyhounds in 2010.

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I think my feelings on what happened are pretty clear in this thread, but I can't understand why people are attacking the neighbour who possibly saved this child's life? OK, so he may well be a scum bag, but what did he do wrong here to warrant people attacking him? Maybe he didn't need to use the shovel, I don't know, I wasn't there, and he doesn't have a clue about dog breeds, but at least he was willing to go and help the child. My connection is very slow, so I haven't seen the video, so maybe theres something in it that I'm missing, but I can't see what it could show that would change my mind that thank goodness he was there, nobody else seemed to be. Who knows, maybe getting good attention, possibly for the first time in his life, might change his mindset and actually change his life - stranger things have happened.

Boxerly, yes, if it was my child being mauled by a dog I would use whatever I could get my hands on to get the dog off, but the parents didn't, where were they?

Very sad that the dog has been destroyed (and I prefer to use that word in circumstances like these rather than the nicer pts) but honestly, there are so many northern breeds looking for homes, that I couldn't have taken that dog in for rehoming. Its a very, very harsh world, but dogs that have bitten usually cannot be rehomed by welfare organisations. if they should ever bite again, the legal ramifications could be huge. I have 4 siberian huskies looking for homes at the moment, one has been here since September, nothing wrong with him. There is a sibe bitch in Ashton pound that I cannot take in, as I am completely and utterly broke. There are sibes and mals in other pounds around the country that I cannot help. These are all dogs without bite histories. They can't all be saved, and its not the worse thing in the world for a dog to go to sleep and not wake up. This poor dog was only 6 months old? If this incident hadn't happened, what would its life have been? Locked in a yard for another 12-13 years?

There is another possible explanation if this was a malamute. There is a line of mals in Ireland with epilepsy, and they are being bred constantly. I spoke to one man about it, after he proudly told me about his dog's heritage, with the American champion in its lines, so I knew who he was talking about. I only told him about the epilepsy to warn him, so he could keep an eye on his dog and tell his vet. The man got very angry with me, thought I was attacking his dog, and I know has bred at least 2 litters from that dog since. The dog in this incident would have been a bit young to have a fit, but its possible. So again, health testing, responsible breeding. People come on here and read some posters going on and on about this stuff and get annoyed, and wonder why we 'preach'. This is why.

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The age of the dog is baffling to me. I have never heard of an "attack" by a six month old pup. It makes no sense & I wonder if it was a game that got out of hand. I also wonder how much we can rely on interview evidence. People can be reluctant to admit to anything that shows them in a bad light.


Hellrazer said:
A tattoo does not mean someone is a scumbag regardless of where its located.A scumbag is a scumbag is a scumbag.

Hey HR,

I don't want to drag this thread off topic, but what I said was 'He has a gun tattoo'd on his neck FFS'. It was NOT an attack on tattoo's, it was a reply to the video which showed the guy as a blatant scumbag, he is bragging about how he has been to jail. I love tattoo's, I always have. But a gun tattoo'd to the neck of someone, whether or not from a place where gun crime appears to be rife, is tasteless.

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I have been told that Frankie Coote, the Dog Warden involved, will be discussing this matter during his slot on Tuesday morning at 10.45am on Clare FM.

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If you found the dog related ignorance in this thread annoying, I would advise you to stay well clear of the thread on the topic in the 'After Hours' forum.

I only wish I had received the same advice

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WolfgangWeisen said:
If you found the dog related ignorance in this thread annoying, I would advise you to stay well clear of the thread on the topic in the 'After Hours' forum.

I only wish I had received the same advice

There have been some good animal discussions in AH. Why stay clear when they reflect the views of many - like the article in the Irish Sun.


Discodog said:
There have been some good animal discussions in AH. Why stay clear when they reflect the views of many - like the article in the Irish Sun.

I refuse to read the Sun, nor listen to its readers for that matter However, as you linked it, I read the article and it merely reinforced my pre-existing opinion that the "red tops" are irresponsible, tripe spewing disgraces of journalism that cater to the "news" needs of the intellectually stunted amongst us.

It just appears to be fighting a losing battle. For every one person who reads up on dogs and dog behaviour and acknowledges that saying that a certain breed is naturally prone to aggression is akin to saying black Americans are naturally predisposed to be criminals, there appears to be thousands who are happy to judge a breed as "dangerous" and undeserving of homes, affection and good lives simply because of what they've read in the publications of such aforementioned "news" outlets.

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