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Maybe ye could help me with this lads. A guy in work wants to go to Bundoran for a long weekend with his girlfriend and get some surf lessons. I've already told him about bundoran surf co for the gear/lessons but I don't know anything about the hotels up there. Could ye recommend any nice hotels there for them?

Also if it turns out to be flat, besides the cinema is there anything else obvious I could recommend to him to do?

Any help appreciated!

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Hi, the surf schools have lodges, or could point him in the right direction.
I’ll assume as he’s taking the bird he’ll want a nicer hotel rather than a hostel?

You have;
Grand Central Hotel
Allingham Arms
The Great Northern
I’ve never stayed in any of them, so cant give an opinion.

If its flat;
TurfnSurf take people sea kayaking or Blocarting. I think they also do hill walking tours
There’s a shop that rents bicycles near enough opposite Bundoran Surf Co – some nice cycles if based in Bundoran. Done this with the gf at the weekend there as it was flat.
The Hollyrood has a pool/spa/gym that you can just pay to use (never been in it though)

Some websites for ya;

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If its flat go freediving/snorkelling in Mullaghmore only round the corner from Bundy

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Plenty of B&Bs there..... if the surf co is booked out, they'll sort you out with names.

Other than the cinema, well, there are worse ways to spend one's day than sitting in Brennan's Bar with a newspaper and whiling away a few hours in the snug (great place).

There are a few walks to do 20 mins south - along the River Duff or The Horseshoe up near Ballintrillick or even along Tullan or Rossnowlagh strand.

If feeling snazzy, book a table at the Courthouse restaurant in Kinlough - great early bird menu.

Go into the Celtic Bar with a Rangers jersey on - now, that would be some entertainment.

Oh, and before I forget it, the place is full of arcades!! Get him to win some prizes for her.

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Thanks for that lads, ill pass it all on to him, cheers!

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Hi, looking for a lift from Sligo(ish) down to Lahinch(ish) on Saturday 15th. No board no baggage just me. PM please if you have a spare seat.

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