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Hey does anyone have any info on the Bryan Hitch and Jonathon Ross book signing coming up?

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statomosh said:
bryan hitch and jonathon ross will be signing copies of their new book america's Got Superpowers on 21st of April in the big bang comics in dundrum.

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well i meant more beyond time? etc

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contact them and ask

If you want to get in touch drop us a line at, follow us on twitter @TheBigBang_ or from Wednesday give us a call on 01-2165093

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Hello, info's up on the site, but just to clarify a few points.

The signing will start at 2 PM, you are limited to 3 items, 2 items you can bring and the 3rd being a purchased copy of America's Got Powers # 1 on the day. Bryan will not be sketching, he hasen't done sketches at any conventions or signings in years.

We are expecting it to be a very busy day but a great day and hope to see many people there.


The Big Bang.

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