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Tee hee hee hee...

I don't think this guy is trolling at all!

He's saying straight out that it's a picture of a horse breaking its leg. Which it is.

Urban complains about the animal rights protestors!
Animals are slaughtered everyday for consumption but imagine the uproar if a picture of it was splashed on RTE?

People are so so funny. Hypocritical lunatics.

P.s. I'm not getting off my high horse on this..

And let the highly entertaining debate continue....


Aw I give up.

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This is the funniest sh*t I have ever seen.....the posts are like a rollercoaster with no track..between the dragged out arguments...the MJ photo which I have saved down and copied 45 times to make sure I don't lose it for the rest of my life and hucklebucks spanner in the works or razor in the dark...seriously :DD you do the creeping...I'm clean man I'm clean!
This is the kind of post you see pasted on a link in face book...quality entertainment

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luis suarez said:
LOL at you what a retard you are.What a child you are you don't agree with something so you have to post a link to try feel like a man

All of a sudden it's metaphor city and not a child in the house washed

I am a man and you know why? Yes, because I know how to shave, it's a right of passage and I am shaving 20 years now and I can flawlessly do my neck without crying about it to everyone in sundry.

In the meantime, maybe concentrate on English class and comprehension of the language as you have the metaphor element down like a clown(similie), Charlie Brown...

Now back on topic if you will, horses legs hanging off should not be shown on RTE and you can be sure some activists saw it and will use it as a stick to beat the sport with, it's fairly easy to understand for most of us

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convert Moderator

This thread is going absolutely nowhere.

/Thread closed.

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