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Eric Cartman said:
This is the first thread in a long time where somebody will actually choose a car on their desires and its merits rather than the tax braket , please dont lower this thread to that
On their desires yes, on its merits I dunno..


158 euros to fill the tank!
Buying a Toe Rag aint a joke.

Mr.David Registered User

What about a RR? Less reliable, but if you are happy with the risk of a big bill then it would be a great buy?

Anan1 Registered User

Like cars, different SUVs have different attributes. Given that we have no idea what the OP wants/needs/values, it's currently impossible to guide them.

regana Registered User

i agree with eric, don't ever kill your desires for fear of road tax or petrol prices. i am buying SUV bcoz i like to drive them. all i want a good deal. and your kind guidance in selecting a good machine. in terms of comfort, luxury and durability. the guys who are already driving can guide me best.

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regana said:
i am buying SUV bcoz i like to drive them.
Start off by driving the ones you're considering, then come back and tell us what you thought of each of them.

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