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I stored my grass clippings in a spare wheely bin the year before last and ended up with a horrible smelly substance consisting of a lot of liquid and soggy rotted grass. I drilled holes in the bin and collected the liquid. How can I use this. I poured some on a small patch on the lawn and it seems to have burned it. The grass went yellow. I assume it can be used diluted with water then as a fertiliser. Any ideas on the ratio.

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this run off is a farmers nightmare and is usually collected into septic tanks and it can ruin and pollute rivers and kill fish. this is one of the reason round bales as opposed to pit silage took off years ago as farmers had to connect their silage pit to a septic tank for this run off.

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So I should pour it down the toilet?

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It's not a septic tank at farm level. It can be spread on grass if it's diluted with water. We spread it at home every year with no problems


jump onto google and you'll find the ratio to dilute it to. I've seen it discussed before.
Also the wheelie bin idea sounds poor as there will be no access for microbes or worms to digest the rest of the grass.

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Why don't you compost it?
Composting would reduce it to stuff you can use as potting mix.
You need to mix it with woody/brown stuff like twigs dry leaves etc to get it to break down.

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Thanks for the replies. I did a google search but I was using search similar to the thread title. When I searched just now I discovered its actually silage effluent or slurry. It can be diluted 1:1 and no more than 50 litres poured on 10sq metres.

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