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Can anybody tell me which are the best Pitch and Putt courses in Cork? In the long run I would like to take up Golf but I would prefer to practice my game playing Pitch and Putt first. Any advice appreciated.

EauRouge79 Registered User

I would suggest that you are going about it the right way. Pitch and Putt background made all the difference for me when starting golf. Confidence around the greens is everything.

What area are you near in Cork and I should be able to point you in the right direction.?


St Annes in the Northside is kept in great condition.
It's €100 for the year afaik.

Goonie1 Registered User

@EauRouge79 - I'm living near the city.

EauRouge79 Registered User

St Annes, is good per FB's recommendation - short and long holes which is good.
Douglas - (on old carrigaline rd) is good, always in good condition.
ESB - off South Douglas Rd

You have Rocklodge & Lakewood slightly further afield to the west

denishurley Registered User

Haven't played too many but Blarney is a nice course, Garryduff only average

Goonie1 Registered User

Thanks guys for the info.


The website have all the cork affiliated clubs listed. There is also a forum called pitchandputtforum where the lads will be very helpful. Of the courses i've played in Cork St.Annes was a great track. Douglas is very tight and full of tricky slopey greens. Lakewood is not a bad course either but a bit further out the city. Collins is a bit of a mad course to be honest some crazy greens but always in good condition.

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