i had my septum pierced last year but after a month or so it got a bit infected and there was puss coming out both sides, i kept it clean and dry but eventually it started trying to come out the center of my septum like at the bottom of my nose so i took it out and within a day or 2 was completely cleared up. i would really love to get it done again but im afraid that the same thing might happen, is there anyway to prevent this besides the obvious keep it clean and dry and not to move it too much, also could it have been caused by being pierced to close to the end of my nose? it was pierced on the hard part and not the thin part behind where i thought they were supposed to pierce it? or does it matter? thank you!


The best thing to do would be to talk to a respectable piercer and explain things to them. Ask them about placement and the problems you had before. They'll give you the best advice on aftercare and not repeating the same mistakes. And yeah, it should have been pierced between that thin spot between your nostrils and septum, the "sweet spot". I wouldn't return to where you get it done if they pierced it behind there.

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