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born2bwild said:
Yeah - but I reckon a lot of their strength is down to the 3 Brennans, Fabio and Sava. In LoI terms, top class players - not only that, but top class players who really know how to play together. The difference with them on the field is immense. (Well, I only saw one friendly - Drogs/Lim pre season so this post may not actually be an accurate reflection of the real world -I think it's close enough, though)

Close, ish! We are an ok side without them, and a very decent side with them imo. None of the outfield players you mentioned played in the opening day fixture against Rovers and we played quite well in that game. Sean Brennan has only started one game btw, Fabio hasn't started any!
A lot of Micks other signings have been just as crucial in our success so far ie Prendergast, Crowley, Hynes and Marshall. All that added to the good players from last season - the likes of Quigley, McNally, Gannon, Gav Brennan, Mulvenna etc have seen us turn into a good tidy footballing side.
Its great to watch and United Park was rocking on friday night as we comprehensively beat Derry

monkey9 said:

Is Skinner really not rated?? Was he at Drogheda by the way?? He probably wasn't, but i just have that connection in my head.

He was brutal for Drogs as well mate.

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