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hi Im thinking about getting con cret creatine iv read up about it and it sounds good, but has anyone tryed it or what other good creatine product would you highly recommend? I also looking up Cellmas.




I've not tried ConCret and I don't know anyone who has.

I don't know a huge amount about the science behind Creatine (well, not as much as some people that post here). I know that it increases the amount of energy your muscles can store, providing you with a bigger gas tank for training. I do know that I'm glad I started taking it, I will continue to use it, I consider it a safe to use product and I have gotten very good results from cycling on and off of it.

I've taken plain USN creatine monohydrate, BSN Cell Mass, Optimum Nutrition CGT and BSN NO Xplod.

The plain USN Creatine Mono-hydrate was the first stuff I took, 5g a day (1 teaspoon, usually mixed it with a protein shake or water).

Cell Mass is a recovery product really, it's designed to be taken after your workouts/before bed and it doesn't have any stimulants in it so you won't get a kick from it. Cell Mass tastes bad, I have the Arctic Berry flavour, I think it's a good product, one I'd buy in the future (I like BSN products, though Syntha 6 has a fairly ****ty ingredient profile compared to ON Gold whey).

Optimum CGT: I have taken this before and after workouts. I never had any noticeable effects as a result of when I took it. It contains creatine, some carbs (6-7g per serving, I think), taurine for cell hydration (supposedly) and glutamine for muscle repair.

BSN NO Xplod: This is a pre-workout drink, loaded with vitamins, caffeine and creatine to give you a better pump. I usually take half a scoop before a chest session or a legs session, though I limit myself to taking it twice a fortnight, I don't really like the idea of taking it more regularly. I found that more than half a scoop gives me the same sort of energy as half a scoop but I feel very flushed (warm/hot/red int he face) and it's slightly uncomfortable. I never got jittery and I never had any sort of palpitations or anything like that from NO Xplod. The one in the link I posted says Caffeine free, the one I have is not caffeine free, it's NO Xplod 2.0.

After the loading phase (ie: the first week or so I was taking it, though I didn't have an increased intake to load myself up on it or anything) I found that I was bigger visually (water retention) and that I had a better capacity to lift heavier and for longer.

When I initially stopped taking creatine (off it for 12 or so days now). After the first week I noticed I'd lost size (no problem) and I dropped 20kg from my bench press, it became very hard to press more than 80kg, though my previous 2RM (about a month ago) was 105kg. I didn't notice any other losses really.

I did notice that I pissed far less often. This might sound funny but while taking creatine (5-10g a day supplemented) I would piss every 20 minutes or so and I would drink about 5-7 litres of water a day. I also noticed that when I needed to piss it was like I was going to explode, rather than just feeling like I needed to go. About a week after I cycled off it this all went away, I was a lot less thirsty all the time, drank regular amounts of water and I felt like I had more energy during the day (though I didn't have more workout energy).

I would recommend creatine for someone who knows why they want to take it. There's a few different kinds of creatine, creatine monohydrate definitely causes water retention (I experienced this myself)

What I would not recommend is reading an advertisement, buying creatine and just taking it for no particular reason. I learned that cycling on and off is very important, not because I feel it's damaging (maybe it is, I didn't find it to be damaging) but because your body responds quite well to cycling on and off many different things, workouts, supplements etc.

Have a read online, and see which one suits your needs (if any) and buy a tub and try it for a month. I didn't feel the need to take a double serving for the first week to load up or anything, I think that's most likely a load of **** to be honest.

The lads can elaborate on or correct whatever I said there.

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I baught the con cret got very good reviews this creatine is different to Monohydrate, it has no water tension and dont need any loading, the scoops are very small as the tub is 2, you get about 48 servings, I also got Optinum Whey protein aswell suppose to be best on the market.

Do you know anything about Jack 3d it's the same as no explode, no explode i heard you get ammune to it very fast. after Con cret if i dont find it any good cell mass will be my next purchase. gonna stack up om BCAA's with the rest.

Thanks for the info was very helpfull. If you know of any good products please post them.

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I'd stay away from anything that claims it has "steroid-like results".
Marketing bullsh*t like that puts me right off.

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nbrady20009 said:
I'd stay away from anything that claims it has "steroid-like results".
Marketing bullsh*t like that puts me right off.

I thought the concret advertising was a bit worse than most, even Biotest

If it has a big yellow sticker to make it look like some sort of construction sign then it's probably bollocks

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i have it now, it suppose to last me about 24 days or so, i leave ye no any changes


Healy Boy said:
i have it now, it suppose to last me about 24 days or so, i leave ye no any changes


Just wondering what the point of concentrated creatine is. Does it not take your body longer to break it down/process it?

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just use monohydrate and take some carbohydrate with it so it absorbs quicker.All the evidence about its efficacy is on monohydrate anyway and its cheaper.It works for most people(there are nonresponders) to build muscle ,increase work capacity and recover quicker.Its the most proven supplement in the last 20 yrs.

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Actually Creatine Hydrochloride (Creatine HCL) is the only ingredient in CON-CRET.

C-HCL is more soluble in water than Creatine Monohydrate (~15% solubility) and so boasts higher absorbability. Theoretically 1g of C-HCL would be the equivalent of 10g of CM (without the bloat etc) this is still yet to be demonstrated over the long term. One of the inventors is Mark Faulkner you could probably Google 'Mark Faulkner creatine' to find out more.

Price wise you could probably get CreaPure @ 250g for £10 is cheap (30x5g servings), just make sure to dissolve it in warm water till the liquid becomes 100% clear. That is now you properly get CM into your system.

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