Erper Registered User

hi guys...
putting this thread up to see how good are psychologist, how much did they help you or your families/friends and is there any point of going and see them...
also, if you can state prices that you've paid to them as in my opinion some of them look like ripoffs

JuliusCaesar Registered User

Erper, I'm guessing you haven't read the forum charter.

If you'd like to discuss the scientific evidence as to the effectiveness or otherwise of psychotherapy, counselling, clinical/counselling or other psychology, the benefits or otherwise of different schools of psychotherapy, please go ahead.

Anecdotes aren't evidence.

As regards prices paid for private therapy (seeing there's free-of-charge therapy available), we live in a capitalist system. People will charge what the market will bear, taking into account qualifications and experience, the location and ambiance of the practice, and maybe in some cases, sheer brass neckery...but that's capitalism.

bisset Registered User

Why are you considering seeing a psychologist? If you are looking for an educational assessement for a child your first stop should be the child's school. If its to do with a particular issue you might be best looking at support services thaqt are specific for that issue. Another option would be to contact your local HSE office and enquire about how to access a psychologist in your area at no cost.

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