pistonsvox Registered User

Mr. Rat's gonna be doing some seminars in every city he gets to on the upcoming chilli's tour. If there's a demand he'll set one up in whatever city there is one. Anyone interested?


godfrey Registered User

Forget your sound training courses, a day with this guy would teach you 10 times more...


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QuadLeo Registered User

Count me in!

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wonski Registered User

Yep, the only problem is this all happens in US...I am not a pro by any way, but would love to see guys like this in action...

pistonsvox Registered User

wonski said:
Yep, the only problem is this all happens in US...I am not a pro by any way, but would love to see guys like this in action...

Nope if there's enough demand from people in each town he's going to on this tour he'll set up a seminar. Don't have to be strictly a pro but if you've a strong interest in the subject I'd guess yer welcome!

Squidgy Black Registered User

Great idea, and I'll say he'll make a killing from it too, along with his pay from the tour.

if6was9 Registered User

Interested. A mate of mine is mad about him too so he'll definately go.

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Savman Registered User

I would defo go along tbh.

pistonsvox Registered User

Nice wan, get emailing to Seminar@ratsound.com so! Hopefully they can sort something out

splitrmx Registered User

If I currently lived in Dublin I'd gladly pay 45-ish Euro to attend any of Dave's lectures. I've been following his various blogs for a long time and in my amateur opinion he really knows his stuff (as you would have to if hired by the likes of Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc).

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paulbreen911 Registered User

I've dropped him an email, so count me in

pistonsvox Registered User


Dunno if it makes a difference but there's a form on the page now...
Says something about someone volunteering to host it, any ideas?

pistonsvox Registered User

Received this email the other day

My name is Kim and I help Dave organize seminars.
Dublin is definitely on our list and we'll be there on the 24th of this month.
Unfortunately you were one of the few who showed interest us hosting a seminar there.
It is still a possibility but i need to get more attendees in order to cover all our costs!
I've been sending links out to sound companies and am still waiting to hear from them.
Do you know of any other leads i could possibly follow in order to make this happen?
It would be a shame to skip it if he's going to be there!

Keep in touch when you can,

I'm actually gonna be away for it at a gig unfortunately but i'm sure there's someone around here still interested

the_barfly1 Registered User

got a mail from Kim myself just a few minutes ago. Seminar will be happening either monday evening or tuesday morning, depending on which suits the greater number of interested parties (please let it be monday)
get in touch by email (think its in one of the earlier posts) if you're interested in going along!

pistonsvox Registered User

Got an email myself, unfortunately cant make either days. Isle of wight FOH beckons!

Best to spread the word with all your audio peers because this definitely isn't worth missing if you're in town!

Hope whoever makes it shares their experiences. Enjoy!

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