barrylyons Registered User

Hi all, We are a group of 40 something musicians looking for a drummer / percussionist .
If your looking for money and to gig 7 nights a week..keep on looking elsewhere .
We are playing a mixure of covers ,a bit of blues and a bit of rock . We have a set together and practice on the northside of the city once or twice a week . We have all been playing for years and would like to get out doing a few gigs again .
If you would like to meet up and have a jam etc drop us a reply .

Citizensmith Registered User

Hi Barry
Sent reply ref drummer via sms - call me anytime that suits you

assoos Registered User

hiya lads getting on a bit me self where are you based

barrylyons Registered User

Hi were based in northside and reherse in trubadore on richmond road ...near fairview /drumcondra

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