The Jammy dodger Registered User

Wondering if anyone can put in the direction of a good book with cd that teaches finger pickin?


Why dont you just start off with popular stuff that there is online tab for..

Nothing Else Matters, Blackbird, etc etc.

leggit Registered User

look at some tabs and theres loads of videos on youtube so you can get the techniques for the songs down.

Good ones to start with would be stuff like blackbird and dust in the wind.

ednwireland Moderator

The Jammy dodger said:
I suck at finger pickin

me too

darkvalley Registered User

I learned from "easy steps to guitar fingerpicking" dvd
There are several other lesson on the site for getting you going. Also check out Stefan Grossman's site as there's lots there.

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#6 has finger pickin lessons

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