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Hi this is my first post here,

Basically im want to over clock my AMD phenom II x4 3.2Ghz 955.

my motherboard is xfx 8200 the 125w edition,
4gb (2 x 2gb) kingston 1066 ram
stock cooler on cpu and two three fan blowing air through, but i may upgrade it later.

At the minute I'm just upping the bus in the BIOS from 200mhz to 240 mhz, so currently I'm running at about 3.819 Ghz at about 32 Celsius at idle.

the problem is when i go into the BIOS and use the option "amd overclocking configuration" i can set the multiplier to what ever i want but it is asking for me to set the "NB-FID" which goes values go from (0) to (34) but it can include letters so it could look like "2b" or "8e"

the same for setting the "NB-VID"

I have left these values at (00) but the comp will not boot at all so i guess i need to set them to something,,

also some guides to setting the cpu voltage,,

Any help will be appreciated


it looks like you've pushed the bus too high and the ram can't handle it

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