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I am an existing electricity customer with Electric Ireland since September 2011 and I am interested in switching my gas account to Electric Ireland also, I was just wondering if there is any discounts available to me?
Also if I switch my gas account would I be required to pay by Direct Debit or could I pay my gas bills by Laser or in the Post Office etc?

Sorry for all the questions but finally would you be able to advise me also of the current unit rate and standing charge rate that Electric Ireland have for gas customers?

Thanks !


Hi Limker,

No problem at all!

There are Dual Fuel discounts for customers who have both electricity and gas with Electric Ireland. The current discounts will no longer apply from 31st March.

Effective as of 1st April, the discounts are: 4% for direct debit and 2% for online billing - applicable to the electricity account and the gas account. Then there is an overall Dual Fuel discount of 3%.

Existing customers do not have to sign up to direct debit, but not doing so eliminates a discount. Direct debit is collected two weeks after the customer is issued with a bill.

The Electric Ireland gas unit rate and standing charge are the same as those of Bord Gais:

Price per kWh: 4.786 cent (excluding VAT) 5.432 cent (including VAT)
Standing charge daily: 20.01 cent (excl. VAT) 22.71 (incl. VAT)

If you would like us to arrange any of the above for you, no problem at all - just drop me and Electric Ireland: David a private message.

All the best,

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Hi Una,

Thanks for your quick and prompt reply !

I'll have a think about it.

Many thanks for your help!

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