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My name is Louise Hopper and I am a PhD student in the School of Psychology, Trinity College, Dublin. As part of my thesis, I am interested in what you think about smoking, how widespread you believe it is among different age groups, and what risks and benefits you think might be associated with it.

I'm looking for people between 18 & 45 years of age to take part in an online survey (takes approximately 20 minutes). Everyone is welcome (non-smokers, ex-, current and occassional).

You will have the chance to enter a draw for €50 as a thank-you, if you would like to.

Please click on the following link to access the survey :

Feel free to pass the link on to anyone else you think might be interested.

Many thanks,
Louise Hopper.

ScienceGirly Registered User

Hi completed your survey, very interesting research. I would appreciate if you could do mine in return , its a bit shorter 5min

PsychPhD Registered User

That's done. Thanks for doing mine.

maupat Registered User

Hi, just completed your survey. Interesting and topical issue. Currently pursuing a Masters by Research myself so like to help out my fellow researchers when possible

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