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I am finding it very difficult to find a room in a house share, that will accept rent allowance. I am looking for a single or double room. Preferrably near transport links, anywhere between Blackrock and Shankill areas. I am a freelance holistic therapist. Has anybody else had such problems in finding accommodation, its so frustrating as have been on and all adds seem to say 'rent allowance not accepted' It just seems impossible. I have been looking for nearly 3 months now. Any help/advice would be apreciated.

Jennii. Registered User

Hey, I've had the same amount of difficulty trying to find an apartment/ room to move into in Dublin. All I've done is search internet a couple hundred times..., anything... type what you're looking for into google and go from there. I've gone online trying to help you, but can't find anything either. I'd advise emailing the people letting the place or giving them a ring to ask them any questions you have as regards rent allowance... most places don't advertise whether it is accepted or not. Hope that helps a small bit.

Ooooh you could try and this is one I just stumbled across

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