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lace said:
I think's dresses are fabulous and very reasonably priced. Granted, I've only seen one in real life but it looked very unusual and very expensive!

I'd recommend looking in their "evening dresses" section rather than "bridesmaids dresses". Here are a few examples of ones I think are nice (though obviously, I don't know what you're looking for). Some of them come in a few different colours too!

Hi Lace,

I've spotted one on there that I love. Do you know anybody who has ordered from there?

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I saw one on a girl at a graduation I was at. She just told me she'd ordered it on the site and didn't mention anything about taxes. The dress did look really good though. It looked quite expensive and unusual.

If I were buying from them I'd probably buy one as a trial and check their returns policy to be sure it could be sent back if I didn't like it. I've had one or two nightmares buying dresses from eBay so I always like to be sure I can return it.

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That parisbella site is amazing thanks for that link lace. Its bookmarked now

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the same dresses from fashon express dresses are on for much cheaper. I got my bridesmaids dresses on that website and they were delivered in about 4 days i think and are perfect! Really well delighted with them

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Mistype that address? Leads nowhere?

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Not the right link??

RyanAsh Registered User

Sorry!! sorry about that!

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