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Hi everybody.

I have lost my Samsung Galaxy S2 (IMEI 359585/04/843994/4) in a taxi at 5.33 am on Sunday 18 march.

I could tracked my phone and i know that someone turn it off at 5.55am in the area of Twisted Pepper.

It's a SGS 2 - Black Edition - IMEI 359585/04/843994/4

I have blacklisted the IMEI, the phone is not usable anymore.

If you find me, please write me : <mod snip - PM only>
That will be a pleasure to reward you for your help...

Thanks a lot.

griffdaddy Registered User

What kind of tracking were you using? Plan B, where's my droid, prey or the built in Samsung one?

Wisefr Registered User

I have tracked it with google latitude history.... Guarda just told me that a taxi bring a SGS2 to a guarda station... But they said that i can't come before tomorrow afternoon... Dont know why. I hope it's mine.

griffdaddy Registered User

I hope it works out for you too. In the meantime, if they haven't deleted your google account from the phone you can install 'Plan B' from your computer and it will give you a lot of options for tracking it. It doesn't matter if they've changed the simcard, as long as your phone has access to the internet.

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