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Does anybody know if you can find Ina's Homemade Tiffin slices in any shop in Dublin? Not sure if they're still making them because I haven't been able to find them in over a year.!prettyPhoto/2/

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I sent them messages twice months ago, no response.

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Brilliant. The Oirish way of doing business. I wouldn't buy their products if that's the level of respect they're going to show towards their customers.

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Seems to be the way of a few places, I emailed Tayto & King almost 3weeks ago and still no reply from either!

I'll keep an eye out for the Tiffin Slices- usually coffee/sandwich bars stock those is that right? I wonder could you ask in one of those shops that do stock some of their products if they know?

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Just to let you know, the bernard in the contact us is......
the same bernard from

I had to deal with the about returns for work, and inas didnt answer my emails, the woman I rang never returned my call either, customer service.....there is none.

Bernard was helpful......

They have taken over Irish Flapjack & Muffin Company, and I think they are having problems getting reps around to shops. So I'd say after some teething problems they should have the bars back soon.

If I hear anything will let yiz know

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Thanks for looking out for them guys! I have a feeling seeing as they also have Broderick Bros and Irish Flapjack & Muffin Company, then maybe they're phasing out the Ina's Homemade brand.

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You can get little tiffin slices in a pack of about 8 or 10 in Superquinn.

Edit: These are the company that supply them

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