dahat Registered User

Managed to win a pair of these through a Facebook comp...

Anyone try these for moderate to severe over pronation?


Which comp?? Would love a free pair myself.

I'm currently on the 2160's after having started on the 2150's. I like them and I'm probably a reasonably heavy pronator.

dahat Registered User

One run by Lifestyle...

Currently wearing Mizuno Wave Alchemy and loving them with another pair on the way but sorely tempted to use 2170's in rotation for short runs but afraid of injury from doing do so

ThisRegard Registered User

I recent switched to the 2160s, turns out I'm not as a severe pronator as I used to think, and quite like them at the moment. It was down to these, the muzunos and the Brooks Adrenaline, found the asics that bit more comfortable than the other 2. I wore kayanos a few years back and more recently nike triax. All you can do is give them a try.

rom Registered User

What size are they ? Are you willing to sell em ? Run 550 miles in them so far and I find them great but they did take getting used to.

dahat Registered User

Size 11's but going to keep them even if i cant run in them....

They look pretty good,red laces n that so casually they will be the finest!!

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