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Artwork revealed for new album due on May 7th. Savage cover

Anticipating this release but a little worried after reading an interview with Steven who describes it as the final part in the odd trilogy of records completed by Opeth's Heritage and his solo album Grace for Drowning, both of which were a little disappointing to me.

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They did say a long time ago not to expect heavy stuff/material on the album. They started writing songs for this project, which made him say it. Then he started writing for GFD and Opeth were doing Heritage, so its really just the logical path of where their writing was going at the time.

Will be interesting, hope they tour with it some day.

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Yeah I can't wait to hear it. I love Heritage, and Steve Wilson is pretty much my musical idol.
Pretty sure he also said in an interview that it's a bit like a movie soundtrack in a way, rather than conventional songs.

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This and Rush's album both coming out in May, awesome .

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First taster :

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First time really listening to it, I like it. Very atmospheric. The video works well with it.

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Haunting tune, I love it.

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dont mind that nonsense, this is the real deal

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Ahahaha, that is amazing. I f*cking love it Mikael Akerstache, haha

Funny and awesome at the same time

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have pre ordered this album, cant wait !!!!

love the parody tunes on youtube .. .hilarious... and actually quite good musically LOL

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There's not long to wait now!

I haven't heard the released track yet, I'm diligently waiting for the album release. I love Opeth's Heritage and Steven Wilson's Grace For Drowning so I expect this final part in the trilogy will be just as enjoyable.

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ScienceNerd said:
First time really listening to it, I like it. Very atmospheric. The video works well with it.

Vangelis infleunce in there .

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After finding it on youtube, after having a few listens and I like the album but this song is definitely my favorite off the album. Think Steve has more of a influence on the album than Mikael if I am being honest, seems to be more of a grace for drowning vibe off it.

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Listened to the full album there, I absolutely love it. Steve Wilson's best work outside of Porcupine Tree for me.

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