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That is a crap quote alright. Any pics of your car? I was nearly buying one last November, but settled for a 1.6 for the moment.

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DanWall said:
Aviva knocked my 10% discount off because of 2 penalty points

Each insurer has their own set of rules as to how they apply discounts etc but you were extremely unlucky to be penalized for 2 points. In the three years I had 2 points on my license not one insurer batted an eyelid at them, and Id say I spoke them all pretty much at some point or another.

Unless you are a learner maybe? Might be different criteria for learners getting points.

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Not a learner, driving 40 yrs, no other convictions, last speeding fine 20 yr ago. I was doing 10km (6 mph) over the limit.
I wrote to Aviva, and all they said, "that is their rules"

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DanWall said:
Not a learner, driving 40 yrs, no other convictions, last speeding fine 20 yr ago. I was doing 10km (6 mph) over the limit.
I wrote to Aviva, and all they said, "that is their rules"

Aviva give a 10% discount for having no penalty points.They claim that 2 points does not have any affect on the quote.That's the way they have it worded unfortunately.

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Every insurance policy has a levy imposed on it because Quinn went belly up and hadn't got the reserves to stay open. So governments bailed them out and sold it on.

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You want to stop insurance premiums rising - report anyone you know making false claims.

Insurance in Ireland has been hit by the flooding of recent years in areas like Galway and Cork. People forget it effected not only household claims but motor as well with countless vehicles written off due to flood damage.

The biggest problem though in Ireland is the claim culture. People involved in even the smallest accident think its a licence to print money. These people are driving up our premiums for their own good fortune.

And don't get me started on solicitors who drive up claims. I know a girl who was genuinely injured in an accident (broken foot) but visited one solicitor who told her she should fail that semester at college and break up with her boyfriend and blame it on the psychlogical effects of the accident.

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Thnx for all the replies ppl.
No pics of the car sy ( someone asked above )

I will ring around over the next couple of days as I still have until the end of the month.

If I don't get the price I want here is what I'll probably do :

Get rid of my policy.
Insure the wife on it as first driver.
Insure myself as the named driver.

Hopefully that should drop it alot

Win Win ?

Here's the Irony. I've been driving for 10 yrs now, never crashed never claimed.

She has been driving for about 5 years. I taught her.
Hopefully her insurance will be alot cheaper or has the new insurance discimination law kicked in yet ??

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coylemj said:
Don't let facts get in the way of a good headline.

84% of Aviva's profit (£2,100,000,000) was earned from life insurance, nothing to do with motor policies. Strip out health, fire, burglary and other general insurance and they made nothing like 2.55 billion profit from motor policies.


and that is global results and not ireland.

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Despite the name change, Quinn still lump on €50 extra to a quote if you value your car at under €2k

I think it was Quinn who would also do the same if you declared yourself as single back when it was a required question, even putting 'common law' would knock another €50 off the quote

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