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can you give honest feed back on my friends site,

and what you think of such a site etc
thanks guys

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I like your website, name is pretty cool as well. Can I ask you what CMS package your using for this site?

I'm looking at creating a site listing events and would like to have the functionality of people being able to create an account and post their notice.


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Should be fairly obvious from 5 seconds looking at the source that it's a wordpress page.

Website looks like it's about 5 years old, but is clear and functional (to the extent that I haven't placed an ad but from what I can see)

The whole "100% irish owned unlike our main competitor" is a bit naff to be frank. Most people dont really care if you're Irish owned or not, but they want a good service that is safe and secure. Being Irish owned doesn't endow you with this. I'm left with the question, so you're Irish, great, what benefit is that for me as a consumer who doesn't care much for flying the flag?

Calling out a competitor without naming them is cringe worthy IMO. It's a serious case of "citation needed".

As a plus, the ads on the page are unobtrusive and I see them despite running adblock plus so they are self hosted.

There's no active link on the UPC ad.

I'm not too gone on the "watermark" of the brand on every image. Make it 50% transparent or less. It'll have the same benefit and be less obtrusive.

I foresee a potential problem with your permalinks. As the site grows, what happens when there are multiple listings for the same item Are you going to force people to make their title unique for two items that might be identical? There may be a way to have a code[numbers]/opel-astra/ . Also if someone calls their item "404" it wont be found, it may also have security issues.

Footer is a bit big. You should be able to fit everything into one line. Edit the footer.php page in wordpress appearance settings.

No favicon. Not really important but nice, since you have a nice logo already.

I would try and make the site look more hipstery rather than a lot like donedeal. Try and make it "cool", not exactly sure how to do that with this site, but it does look more like a site to sell your knackered car rather than flogging everything.

Just my €0.02. If I sound critical, it's because I'm not focusing on the good things. You'll have friends around you for that. Here is somewhere to be honest.


tricky D NSAbot: Second Variety

There's no proper contact information which is bad for trust. That's rightly a showstopper for many. Also no RBN which is required by law.

There's no descriptive text with price, description, category etc... for the homepage listing which is needed for a few reasons. The branding detracts from the listing.

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