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I am looking to get protein in order to recover after tough training sessions and games. I am not sure as to what are the best types for this purpose. Can anyone advise and how often to take. Its just that my muscles are very sore after games and training and I have spoken to others and they say to take some protein.

Any Advice appreciated

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Beta Alanine or Body Octane are good for recovery

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MD1990 said:
Beta Alanine or Body Octane are good for recovery

Not sure what body octane is but beta alanine is only part of the story. A simple whey protein supplement mixed with fruit juice or simply just chocolate milk on it's own are good recovery solutions. Having said that, any combination of protein and carbs will be effective, chicken and pasta, beef and rice, meat and spuds, doesn't really matter. What matters most is your overall nutritional intake and general protein intake. Try to get a gram of protein per lb of bodyweight throughout the day and you will be on the right track.

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try Kinetica (at least they are Irish)
the recovery products should suffice - good mixture of carbs and protein
your body needs to refuel immediately after training

supplements should not be taken in isolation - you need a good healthy meal with protein and carbs around an hour after training

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I never got into the supplements at all. You know what I had after training sessions? A bowl of cold pasta with sweetcorn mixed in and a pint of ice cold milk! That plus a shower and I would be feeling 100%

What I am saying is it is different strokes for different folks really, if you are determined to go the supplemental route maybe try a few yourself and see which one is best for you.

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I'm after something similar I think. I'm always starving after doing any kind of training and even after eating a big meal I still want more. Most of the time I end up eating everything and anything I can find which isn't great. Is it a good idea to eat after training and then later have a protein shake also?

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do the opposite
shake straight away, then healthy meal within an hour of end of training - 1/3 protein, 1/3 carbs, 1/3 green veg
your body wants food straight after exercising.
its only natural

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I thought protein shakes were not necessary unless you have done a very long hard session, of say at least 1 hour 30 mins .Don t think training sessions should be that long . Maybe i am wrong thats just what i have been told. I do use the kinetica whey myself but just if i have done a really hard session in the gym .

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