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Hey folks. My blog has started to get a lot of traffic so I wanted to give it a domain name. I purchased one from register365 and set it it up to redirect to my blogspot page. Worked fine..

But then, I started thinking a few things.. say I have a particular post on blogspot, I was kind of hoping I could set it up so www.domainname.com/posttitle would redirect to it but register365 doesnt have any obvious features to do so. Any ideas if it's possible ?



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You should talk to reg365 about setting up a cloaked redirection for you.

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You could always just create a php file that will redirect to the post you want!

"HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" ); 

Header"Location: http://domainname.blogspot.com/firstpost" ); 

You'd name it your post title and place it in your /web folder on reg365.

eg. if you called it "firstPost.php"
then with it being in your /web folder you would access it through
and it would redirect it to what ever address you put in the php file

Not the most elegant solution, as you'd have to create a new file for every new post you'd make, but you can try it if you want!

Threw a working example up so you can see how it works
it'll redirect you to the boards website!

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There's full instructions on using your own domain name with Blogger / Blogspot here: http://support.google.com/blogger/bin/static.py?hl=en&ts=1233381&page=ts.cs

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