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Is is possible to receive a bill every month, rather than every two months?

Electric Ireland: Orla Verified representative

Hi there,

No it is not possible to recieve a bill monthly, our billing cycle is every two months.

However, we do have a payment option called Equaliser Direct Debit, which is where you would pay monthly, a fixed amount through direct debit.

This fixed amount is calculated by monitoring your electricty consumption. It should be noted that this amount is assessed every 4 months - the amount deducted will be recalculated if your consumption increases or decreases by 15%.

If you are interested in this payment option, please contact us by phone or email. Our contact details are found here.


Arawn Registered User

are you notified when you get billed by direct debit?? moved into a house the same day as some mates, both on direct debit, they got billed last week and we've not had a thing?


Hi Arawn,

We give 14 days notice from the bill issue date if we are taking an amount via direct debit, just as we give 14 days notice for a standard bill (in line with our credit terms).

If you haven't yet received your bill, please feel free to PM me your account details and I will be able to investigate it for you. Bear in mind that if you are not in the same general area as your friends, you may be subject to a different reading cycle (see here for more information on our reading policy).



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