davidm20 Registered User

Getting the buggy out for a walk, unfortunatly not a lot more than that atm

Mr Bloat Registered User

Walking and running

ShaneIRL Registered User

Running, Cycling, Walking and a Kick About

scriba Registered User

Running, hiking, hillwalking, football, and standing still sucking in deep draughts of fresh air surrounded by beautiful scenery. I don't get to do enough of any of these!

I can't wait to get my voucher.

Goodne Registered User

I love being walked by the dog!



rOBeRt frETt Registered User

cycling - yay!


Thanks all for the responses - you're an energetic and outdoors-loving bunch, which is great! And inspiring.

Closing the competition now and we're off to select the winner (which will be done at random).

Result to be announced shortly...

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And the winner is lorcafan!

lorcafan said:
walking and cycling

Congratulations lorcafan - if you send me your name, address and contact telephone number by private message, we will arrange to have your prize sent to you!


copper04 Registered User

My thing for the week is walking 5 miles four days a week and swimming 500 meters twiice a wekk. Not bad for a pensioner. !!

yesno1234 Registered User

Soccer, cycling, jogging, GAA I'll do anything outside once it's nice anyways.

uberalles Registered User

Cycling and walking with the bike if it's too steep !

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Why are people still answering?

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