LampyJo Registered User

I got excited by Philm_12's thread, but it's now closed.

Anyway, anyone Dublin based out who used to play in bands but hasn't played for a while but wants to play again? I'm 42 and played bass and a bit of guitar in a few rock bands years ago; no virtuoso but solid enough. Still play but miss being in a band.

Don't give a toss about age myself but wanna avoid folks wanting world domination by next tuesday and it'd be good to hook up with like minded people.

This is purely for the craic, the love of playing and getting a set tight to gig again.

Bands I like; Smashing Pumpkins, Kings of Leon, Hendrix, Who, Rolling Stones, Clash, Stooges, Pixies, Violent Femmes, the Kinks to name but a few.

If anyone's thinking that there's too many folks who play their instrumemnt already posted, and it's not worth it; don't. There might be a couple of bands outta this. I'll happily pass on details to get folks hooked up (with consent first obviously)

Completely open to ideas, get in touch!

loyer Registered User

I've been playing drums on and off for yrs in various originals and cover bands..turned 40 this year and would love to play again..nothing serious just to have a bit of craic and play again.I'm based in Dublin 12 area.Get in touch if interested.Cheers.

segoviamusic Registered User

Hi, Navan based. Trying to start up covers thing . Was a bass player but want to start singing. I can sing and play guitar .

LampyJo Registered User

Thanks lads, sounds good, PM's sent. Cheers

dom17 Registered User

lampy i play drums let me know if loyer drops out, where would you rehearse and what sort of music

mlpower123 Registered User

Interested also. Guitar player myself. No virtuoso either but solid enough and will always put in the work. Mainly into rock/classic rock. Would be interested in meeting up. Thanks

loyer Registered User

hi lampy, im still interested,had a few probs logging on to boards.

enzothebaker Registered User

Guitar player here also (mid 40s) ... would be interested in Rock covers, just finished up with another band. Looking at this board we could make a couple of bands between us?? If anyone wants to hook up send us a PM or respond here?

LampyJo Registered User

Hi everyone, thanks for all the PM's n replies.
Haven't had a lot of spare time and there's a bit of a back log, but I'll do my best to get back to you all soon.

enzothebaker is right; there's scope for at least 2 bands here. Happy days!

Quatre Mains Registered User

I'll throw my name into the hat too - I can sing or (preferably)play lead

my own stuff is here

mlpower123 Registered User

Really keen to get involved here so whoever is doing pm's please include me !

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