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Im looking to study in England next year. I want to do a course attached with the nhs so therefore I haver no course fees to pay. However my parents cannot afford to send me to school unless i get some form of a maintenance grant. I attended secondary school in Ireland however I was born in England and we still have a house there. Does this allow me to apply for a maintenance loan?


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Maintenance loans are based on residency not nationality, so being born in the UK and having a house there when you normally reside in Ireland means you are not eligible under the UK loans system. Sorry it's not better news!

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Hey there, Currently studying an NHS course here. Its true you probably won't be eligible for a maintenance loan here. But you should be eligible for the irish grant ( the one you get from the county council!)

If you can manage to get a UK student bank account you have the backup of overdrafts that don't need to be payed back until your qualified and earning but its not really a route to go down....

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how long do u need to be resident in the uk before you qualify for the student loan system?

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From my attempts to get it last september, you need to be resident 3 out of the previous 5 years there or something like that. Was missing out by a year...gutted!

But that was for an NHS course, could be very different for others.


It used to be that in England you have to have been resident in the UK for the 3 years preceding the start of your uni course. If you have been in the UK for those 3 years for solely educational reasons (boarding school and the like) the residency doesn't count. It may well be the case now that 3 out of the preceding 5 years would also qualify.

There's an official explanation here.

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