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I want to get started in app development and am trying to decide whether to focus on developing for the iphone or for android phones. Can anyone advise on the pros and cons of each? I realise android using phones might have the dominant share in the market place but are also more difficult to design for given the many different phones available. Also I hear Apple take a large commission (30%?) on apps sold. Before I dive in, can anyone advise based on their experiences? Also would Java/Objective-C be sufficient to get started, depending on which one I go for? Thanks.

Tom Dunne Comfortably numb

There is a steep enough learning curve with iOS. Aside from being new to the Mac, I found xCode challenging enough to learn. Add in to that your provisioning profile and it can be quite daunting to get started. Having said that, like everything, once you get used to it, it is fine. Plus you need a Mac to develop for iOS.*

Android has the advantage of using Eclipse and of course Java, which you may already be familiar with. Also, you can use a PC, which you most likely have access to. So the cost of getting into development for Android is probably lower than iOS.

*yes, I know there are ways around it, but officially, you do

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