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Fed up, 46yr old female needs serious revamping
5ft 3,tiny frame but carrying fat.
size 10 but look way bigger

Live in tracksuit bottoms, haven't a clue what's in fashion or what suits me. Bought 2 pairs high waisted leggings in vero moda to wear with boots but my thighs look disgustingly fat and short so thats them discarded.

I welcome any help or suggestions please.



I'd be less worried about whats in "fashion" and more focused on what suits you/ classic pieces.

Leggings can be difficult to carry off for all but 16 year old models but you could try wearing them with long tops/ t shirts? They work better with long tops than short.

As for what to buy, it's easier to get a few basics, eg good pair of boot cut jeans, plain tops and then dress up with nice jewellery.

You've the perfect height for heels so invest in them too!


And I know you mentioned you're not sure what suits you- that's down to trial and error! Go shopping and bring a friend whose opinion you trust. And whose style you like!

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My mum sounds about the same size as you, although she is just 4'10. She wears alot of tunic tops and wide trousers with heals. She is a tiny size one shoe and gets alots of her shoes off barrets. I've seen alot of small women wearing smock dresses with leggings and mid calf boots, that looks really good on small people too. Its difficult finding the right style for your size and shape but once you do shopping becomes really easy and fun.

FYI: Next do a great petite range for tops and trousers so they sit better when you don't have to take everything up!

EDIT: And Oasis have really flattering jeans with a shorter leg too.

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hi op. firstly you sound very down on yourself, and if you want to dress better you need to start feeling better about yourself and focus on the positives and accentuate them. maybe try to watch some episodes of gok wan or trinny and suzannah to learn how to look at yourself realistically and not focus on negative things. they also have books that may help, you could get them from the library if you don't want to buy them. they will help you learn how to choose clothes in fits and colours that will flatter you.

I always find if I feel like I've gotten stuck in a rut the first thing I will look at is my general grooming, maybe get a haircut/colour, look at your skin and if needed get a good cleanser & moisturizer, paint your nails, sometimes I get my teeth cleaned and polished as well. once thats done, maybe invest in some new underwear and go and get fitted for a new bra or two.
wardrobe wise you could maybe look at investing in a few staple items of clothing, for example if you like tracksuit bottoms, maybe switch into linen trousers and some new tees or vest top and cardi combos for the summer. they always look smart but are as comfortable as pajamas! you cant really go wrong with a pair of bootcut jeans if you carry weight on your legs, and you could couple the jeans with some simple tshirts and a pair of low heeled ankle boots for day to day wear. add a basic fitted blazer/suit jacket and you've got a smart comfy out fit. to top it off you could invest in a few accessories like an inexpensive bangle, earrings/necklace.
I hope this helps, I know what its like to get stuck in a rut like that and its easy to feel like you just don't know where to start.

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Thank you all, I will take your suggestions on board and need to invest in a few simple bits,t shirts, linen trs and cardis.

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