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Can anyone tell me is it possible to have different text in each footer at the end of a page? Every time i create an footer on the first page of a document, it carry's it through all the footer on the document. EG - I write citations thread 122" or something to that nature, it will appear on every page any way of stopping this so I can have the footer text different on each page?

Many Thanks

5uspect Moderator

It's Insert > reference > footnote on older versions of Word.
I've no idea how the abomination that is 2007 handles it.

Obligatory you should be using LaTeX comment...


Endnote is the work of satan.

Never use it ever for anything. Ever.

Last time I was so foolish as to use it as I was nearly finished my document it, for no reason apart from being evil, shuffled all my references. Yes as in put the wrong numbers on the wrong references right throughout the document (50+ refs) and I coulnd't fix it. In the end I had to MANUALLY redo the referencing.


5uspect Moderator

I think the OP means `footnotes' instead of the Endnote reference manager.

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5uspect said:
I think the OP means `footnotes' instead of the Endnote reference manager.

Oh yeah good point.
I just saw the word Endnote and saw red

Sorry OP - I haven't helped

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