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Zaph said:
As there are no Soccer mods around at the moment I'm going to interject at this point. Dempsey and kryogen, either take it to PM or knock it off so that the thread can get back on-topic. Thank you.

I'm entitled to defend my opinion, I dont have to take it to PM because the same lad wont accept it. I am done with this thread btw, I didnt realise expressing an opinion would involve so much bullshít.

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plasmaguy said:
Two pages, and no-one has mentioned Arshavin? Lol.

Arshavin would be near the top of any list.

Wenger has had some great signings in his time but has made some awful signings as well, particularly in defence.

Some of his best signings he got on the cheap, some of his worst he paid fortunes for.

I think Alex Ferguson has made very few poor signings down through the years, maybe a handful, as opposed to the dozens of successes such as the likes of Sherringham, Solskar, Cantona, Keane, Cole, Yorke, Tevez, Vidic and so on.

Possibly the biggest flop is Berbatov.

Another good manager in the transfer market is David Moyes who gets great players on the cheap and makes them play above themselves. Great manager imo.

Very few poor signings!! thats a laugh, most managers have a few poor transfers in their time. For Utd I can think of:

Jesper Blomqvist
Massimo Taibi
Karel Poborsky
Louis Saha
Juan Sebastian Veron
Diego Forlan
Roy Carroll
Mark Bosnich
Quinton Fortune
Rodrigo Possebon
Liam Miller
Dong FangZhou
Zoran Tosic

Christ I could keep going on!!

Non Utd players:
Alberto Aquilani
Anelka to Madrid
Keane to Liverpool
Richard Wright
Pascal Cygan
Mikael Silvestre to Arsenal
Julio Baptista to Arsenal
Shaun Wright-Phillips to Chelsea
Winston Bogarde
Chris Sutton to Chelsea

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Severe lack of bebe in here.

Signed for €9 million without seeing him play , Played two games for united and was sent on loan with the option to buy for €2 million.

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Diddy Kong said:

Pascal Cygan

Hes bald, hes shit,
He gets a game when no one is fit,
Cygan, Cygan!

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Ibrahimovic to Barcelona IMO, Eto'o + 45M is ridiculous.

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Where To said:

Trevor Francis was the forerunner to the overvalued overhyped overpaid primadonnas that plague our game today.

Not related to the thread topic, which asks who is the biggest transfer flop. As already mentioned, Francis did quite well at Birmingham, Forest, Man City, Sampdoria and QPR, as well as doing a very good job as player manager at Sheffield Wednesday. Also had brief spells at Atalanta and Rangers, although he failed to impress, neither were big money moves.

If you consider his £1m transfer to Forest a flop, the stats show he scored 22 league goals in 50 games. He also scored the winning goal in '79 European Cup final and another two in the following seasons competition, thus helping Forest retain the cup in Madrid.

That anyone would include Trevor Francis in the "biggest transfer fails" is laughable and absurd.

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Des Lynam to ITV didn't work out all that great.

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Park Chu Yung to Arsenal

Signed for around 3.5 million and has made one league appearance afaik. Word on the street is he can only play for us for a maximum of two years anyway because he has to return to South Korea to do military service.

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Ibrahimovic to Barca was considered a total flop,worst ever for me Eto and near 50 million,disaster.

adox Registered User

Ibra to Barca for Eto plus all that cash was ludicrous IMO. That's not a slight on his ability but more looking at the transfer overall.

At the time of the transfer there wasn't much between Eto and Ibra as players. A straight swap may have been more the market value IMO. The huge chunk of change that Barca threw into the deal makes it one of the most bizzare and overpriced transfers of all time.

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Would have to agree with the above. Not only should the transfer fee be taken into account, but so too should the wages. Ibra was a massive flop. End of.


Brolin - no transfer failure was larger...


tvercetti said:
Who was Veron a bigger flop for in peoples opinions. Obviously United paid alot more money but surely Chelsea paying approximately £15 million for him after seeing what he was capable of in the league was just as big a mistake and I don't think Chelsea recouped anything, maybe a few million for his different loan spells.

I acknowledge Veron wasn't that much of a failure but just vastly overpriced and unsuited to the league.

As a United fan I would take the Veron back then now in a heartbeat, there is no disputing he was a worldclass player, his range of vision and passing were unreal. The reason he didnt fit in was because of the style of football united played back then which was gung ho and archaic, he also was intimitated my Roy Keane, he played much better with Butt and he also played some blinders for us in europe

look at this for a pass

Nuri Sahin Banned

Pierce_1991 said:
Park Chu Yung to Arsenal

Signed for around 3.5 million and has made one league appearance afaik. Word on the street is he can only play for us for a maximum of two years anyway because he has to return to South Korea to do military service.

Ugh. If Wenger actually played him, people would see he'd be no.1 choice as back up to RVP and would be ahead of Gervinho (based on his very hit n miss season from what I've seen and heard), Walcott and Arshavin.

Love that the only time he has started a game this season, against Bolton in the League Cup, he scored. Movement and finish is not that of an average, nothing player -

Really should have went to Lille, not Arsenal considering how things have panned out.

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There are plenty of bad signings but the Biggest fail is Torres.

Signed as a goal scorer - 3 goals in 36 appearances, a massive failure, coupled with the fact his overall contribution on field has been poor also.

You could argue he cost a good double winning manager he job - Carlo, you could also argue AVB's problems with Torres and his complete failure to find any sort of goal scoring form also lead to AVB losing his job.

If you add in the negative effect his sigining has caused on the squad, the slump in the clubs fortunes since his arrival, the cost of transfer, wages, and cost of managerial changes as well as impact of managerial changes then in my opinion he is the biggest transfer failure by some distance.

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