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Iv taken up cycling again and want to get into mountain biking this time around.
Iv started by killing two birds with one stone and got a rely cheap new full suspention bike for under 100 euro ( extremly heavy, clumbersome, akward and realy inefficent). This way i have to work harder and get fitter faster, plus in the mean time i can save for a proper bike.

My question is this, where the hell to go mountain biking?
Iv been going up over the hills between Moville, Greencasle and Kinnagoe Bay but where the hell else is there to go.

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deano77777 Registered User

where was this moved to

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Don't mountain bike but heard ones on about ards forest park

Tonyandthewhale Registered User

I don't know if it's a good idea to actually go mountain biking with a >100e mountain bike, be very careful with it.

Fr D Maugire Registered User

There is a Mountain Bike club based in Donegal. This is their website:

where there is a forum to discuss everything MTB related in Donegal including places to bike etc. Also have a facebook page by the same name. They are a good bunch of lads so give them a shout.

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