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I have recently lost a lot of weight (over 2.5 stone) and my boobs shrunk from 36DD to 34C. So to drop from DD to an A or B cup must have meant losing some amount of weight? I say well done this lady!!!!

I hated my massive boobs, could not wear nice tops or dresses without them being strained at the bust, etc. I also looked fatter than I was because of them. Some men, however, were clearly fascinated by the big boobs and often had full blown conversations with them and I hated it.

If I thought a man was going out with me because of my boobs or would consider getting rid of me because they have shrunk, I would see it as a contol issue it would be good riddance. I would never consider getting a boob job or putting on weight to make someone else happy.

The poster never once mentioned how his girlfriend feels about her boobs shrinking, or indeed her weight loss in general - is she happier now that they are smaller or not. All we hear is how he feels about it, it would be great to hear her side of the story. Maybe she misses the bigger boobs, maybe not.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be the case that when one partner loses weight, gains confidence and becomes attractive to other members of the opposite sex, the existing partner becomes jealous and insecure.

Instead, OP how about congratulating your partner on her weight loss and focusing on the positive instead of the negative.

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I was huge, a 36G and I am petite and had no weight to lose. I was constantly self conscious and hated them. I had to bite my tongue because there were people in shops asking what month I was in because my breasts made me look pregnant. They were always in the way and it was hard to pass by people without them touching someone or something. As annoyed as I was I got used to the stares, comments and attention and learned to desensitise from them. What took longer to get over was my ex. He had no sympathies for the financial, physical and mental burden that they caused. I decided to finally do something than constantly complain. I bit the bullet and made the appointment with the surgeon. My ex was dead set against it. The cost of my bras, my chronic back, neck and shoulder pain and disability did not concern him. He was more worried about how small they would be, how they would look, scarring and loss of sensation, FFS! I would have cut him some slack if he was concerned about the complications and recovery from the surgery as it was invasive. He was more afraid about my actual boobs than my f***ing health and mental well being. That day I lost 14 stones

I don’t think there is anything wrong being a breast man. We are all attracted about certain physical characteristics but if it got to the point where it affected one’s health and mental well being than I would question the relationship altogether. You are entitled to miss her boobs as they were a piece of her and a part of your life. I would compare it with going bald; it’s beyond your control, imo.

You have been with your gf for years now there must be something else that you find attractive about her than just her boobs?

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kylith Registered User

As a woman who lost a substantial amount of weight a couple of years ago I can say that your gf is probably missing them as much as you.

If her bosoms are so important to you that you'd consider breaking up with her because they got a bit smaller then I suggest that you have a good think about what your relationship is based on because if something as trivial as breast size has you thinking like this what will happen when ye have a serious issue?

There is no way that you can say this to her without it sounding like 'Your breasts are more important to me than you are'.

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keithclancy Registered User

If she told you that she didnt find you attractive anymore because you were losing your hair how would you feel about it.

CaliforniaDream Registered User

It's slightly o/t so I apologise, but a woman can drop a number of cup sizes without losing a significant amount of weight elsewhere. I lose/gain in my breasts first and then the rest of my body catches up.

OP, if this is bothering you enough to post about then I think you should reconsider your relationship. Mostly for your girlfriends sake. She deserves to be with someone who bases their relationship on more than one thing.
Things change and not always for the better, but it's the person and relationship as a whole that counts.

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