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If you want to see what is in the 'treaty' download it here

Republican congressman Darrell Issa of California has published the full text of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), saying that the public has a right to know what their governments have been hiding from them.

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Friday, 15 June at 3.00p.m.

About the Speech:
In this meeting jointly organised by the IIEA and the European Parliament Office in Ireland, Scottish MEP David Martin will be outlining the nature of the debate within the European Parliament on the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), an international trade agreement aimed at tackling violations of Intellectual Property Rights. David Martin is the European Parliament's rapporteur on ACTA, on which it will be voting in July. Several EP committees have already recommended its rejection and, if the Parliament as a whole does not give its consent, the entire EU would have to stay out of the agreement.
Please note the later than usual time of this event.
About the Speaker:
David Martin is a member of the European Parliament Committee on International Trade, as well as a member of the Committee on Human Rights and a substitute member on the Constitutional Affairs Committtee. He was also Vice Chairman of the Socialist Group in 1987, Vice President of the European Parliament for five years, from 1989, and subsequently Senior Vice President of the European Parliament with special responsibility for relations with national parliaments and parliaments of constitutional regional committees.
Location: Institute of European and International Affairs, 8 North Great Georges Street, Dublin 1
Tel +353-1-8746756 Fax +353-1-8786880
To register, please reply by email to, stating you wish to attend the [Martin] event.

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If anyone who attended this would care to post their opinion on the event, that would be helpful, thanks.

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ACTA fails to gain ITC approval, MEPs vote to reject controversial piracy treaty

Good news ..... but it was close enough.

Now for the final step in rejection ......

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ACTA voted down today by a huge majority!


A Chara,

Further to my previous correspondence regarding your concerns about the Anti- Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), I wish to inform you that ACTA was rejected by a large majority of 478 against, 39 in favour and 165 abstentions, in the European Parliament today. The EPP had put forward a motion to refer the agreement back to the International Trade Committee but this was also rejected by the Parliament.

While the Parliament has rejected the agreement, the European Commission are still waiting to receive a response to their referral to assess whether any element of ACTA is incompatible with the EU's fundamental rights and freedoms from the European Court of Justice. It is estimated that this process will take up to or over 18 months.

I trust this information is of interest to you.

Yours sincerely,

Liam Aylward MEP

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