This is free to play and on steam. It's 2d topdown shooter on servers of up to 85 players. After certain tasks are completed, all players are teleported to the mad god's lair, where there is a fight to the death.

There is permadeath, which includes loss of inventory. It is monetised through microtransations that allow you to store a greater number of items in your vault (which survive your character), and to increase the number of concurrent characters you can have. This is a very good model imo because it doesn't offer unfair advantages in gameplay, but it does provide enough extra convenience that enough people will probably make use of it for it to be viable.

Upon death you acquire fame, which is both a score and a currency. Various acheivements unlock aspects fo the game such as different character classes.

You can teleport to the location off another player at any time, or you can teleport out of the realm altogether, This means that a bit of caution can keep your character alive indefinitely pretty much, theoretically. Unfortunately it is possible to die as a result of a lag spike, especially when fighting the mad god.

Worth checking out when it's free anyway.

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Mantel Registered User

Also playable via browser - http://www.realmofthemadgod.com/ and there's an app in the chrome market as well.

A good game although I've never been able to stay alive for very long

D Registered User

I played this in the browser, is there any difference to the steam game.

Also when you get certain characters to level 20 you unlock new characters.

Great little game you don't NEED to work together but it makes leveling go so much faster plus all the phat l3wt. A priest healing a nicely tanked warrior who is capable of catching shots is invaluable.


The steam game is flash so it should be the exact same as the game in the browser.

I was enjoying it too, but glitches in all three of my boss encounters put me off: Two lag deaths (might be my end for that one), and one unopenable wine cellar.

Sarn Registered User

I just started playing this yesterday. It's good for a few hours of fun.

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