Hair Nightmare Registered User

Hi all
Can i post about my hairdresser complaint and use names?


Morag Registered User

If have a complaint talk to the manager/owner, or use one of the review sites rather then opening a new account for here to defame them and get this site into legal trouble.

Hair Nightmare Registered User

Went to manager and the head office and they just taking managers side.
can i post without the names to see if anyone thinks i get do anythign else?

Hair Nightmare Registered User

review sites?

Wibbs Je suis un Rock star

Just to be clear Hair Nightmare, while I understand your frustration you can NOT post names of the people involved. As Sharrow has stated it could get this site in legal trouble. If it was me I'd hound the head office until you get some sort of satisfaction.

PS this would be a sitewide policy. I'm afraid I'll have to close this thread.

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